A Rebirth

Unfortunately, the last custodian of this site had to drop out, because of real world reasons. Those always suck.

Anyway, now you get me, Steve Ronuken/Fuzzysteve managing this site. I have a few plans, but in the short term (and long term) what you’ll have on the front page of the site is a listing of the most recent posts from the blogs which have been added to this site. There’ll also be an RSS feed which will aggregate all the sites, and give you the top X newest stories. What that X is, is still up for debate. I’m thinking 50 atm.

To keep from stealing peoples views, I’ll only be providing snippets on the site itself, in the hopes that you’ll get something of use, and be able to go read the ones of interest.

I’m in two minds about what to do with the full RSS feed. I’ll probably put the full content in there, which will mirror the old version.

Anyway, due to how the site went down, we’re limited on what information is available. I’m still writing the aggregator, but should have something up in the next couple of days.

Use theĀ  contact form below, for getting your blog onto the system. It’ll be a manual step on my part, mostly to reduce spam. If it’s Eve related, I’ll put it up.

Long Term plans:

I have a few plans for long term expansion of the site. In no particular order:

  • I’m thinking about adding a backend search engine, allowing you to search posts for content, before linking you over the the original.
  • Filtering by categories. WordPress at least slaps all the categories and tags onto the posts. I may as well expose that.
  • OPML export. May as well make it easy to get at
  • Fully open sourcing this. The site (excluding the wordpress site) will be put up on github. I’ll try to remember to add the OPML file as well. Not expecting anyone to do anything with it, but it acts as a community backup, if I get hit by a bus.

I’m not thinking of opening the url up to allow other people to host blogs at this domain. The /most/ I would do it open up subdomains, though I’d have to think about rehosting the DNS at that point, as there’s a limit on how many I can use.


If you have any thoughts on where I should go from there, let me know.



  • If you want to work on DNS stuff, try using cloudflare.com for added security and capability. Even simple DNS hosting, you get benefits of their CDN.