This is the very first draft, with the 5 most recent posts of the blogs being polled. No categorization built in, no sorting or ordering of blogs. Those should be features which come later.

Fuzzwork Enterprises
Game World News
Jester's Trek
Target Caller
Sindel's Universe
Letrange's Eve Blog
Roc's Ramblings
The Ancient Gaming Noob
Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah
Faction Fit Pod
Stabbed Up
Morphisat's Blog
Torchwood Archives
Sand Cider and Spaceships
Low Sec Lifestyle
Mabrick's Mumblings
Hero Tackle
ROCK's rants
Aggressive Logistics
Deep in EVE
Emergent Patroller
Sniper's EVE
The Third N
Hazardous Goods
Serpentine Logic
K162 Space
2nd Anomaly From the Left
The Abysmal Aussie
Prosper: An EVE Online Tool Development Blog
The Big Shield Lobby
Eve Blogs
Point Blank Diplomacy
A Missioneer in Eve
Crossing Zebras
The Fool's Endeavour
Spaceships & Spreadsheets
Criminal Countdown Lounge
Ensign Yooch, Reporting For Duty
EVE Online Pictures
Feyds Blog On Eve Online
Interstellar Privateer
Jakob's Eve Checklist
Life in Eve
Interstellar Entrepreneur
The Chronicles
A Story by JET
EVE Travel
Diaries of a Space Noob
Pod Goo & Tonic
The Eve Editorial
Exploring Eve Online
Align to Ramble
Hanz finds New Eden
Cloaky Bastard
The cloaked ones
Ceaseless Harm - EvE Solo PvP
Markets for ISK
Violet Aeon
Masters Degree in Spaceships
Dawn of Eternity
Bits of Bacon, Spaceships, and Serious Business.
Civire Commander
Spaceships With Training Wheels
The 12 Month Challenge
New Eden Immigrant
Cap Stable
To Boldly Go
Spinning Around
Warp to Zero
Sister of EVE Epic Mission Arc Experience
Into the Ether
Clueless Space Nerds
Always a noob
New To Null
The Indecisive Noob
Brink's Bar
The EVE Industrialist
Helicity Boson
A Scientist's Life in Eve
Harsh Worlds
Fear and Loathing in Internet Spaceships
Pod Pilots Perspective
EVE Manufacturing
Red's Roid Rage
Warp To Sun
The EVE Scribe
Astrals trial by fire
Art Hornbie
EVE Altoholic
Dog's Breath
Capitalization in EVE Online
Golden Crusade
The Ratio 1.618 Corproation
Eve and other scrambled thoughts
Zero Gravity Geology
The Smug Bastard's Blog
Staring at Rocks
Golden Crusade
A Journey through the Mind
Align Alone
Gamer's Log
The journey of Mr Spaxi
Khanid Kataphract
Erun's Musings
Merchant Monarchy
Low Sec Wonderer
The Excession
After Time Adrift Under Open Stars
EVE For Assholes
Eve Simplified
Zappity's Adventures
Gramek's PODcast
Taking Wing
Mhrdhr's View - An Eve Blog
Chasing the Black
Eve Online: Wormholes, Asteroids, Profit!
The Coffee Rocks
Capsule Ejected
An Amarrian Capsuleer
New Eden Vagabondage
The Nosy Gamer
Stoseph's Content Creation
Tricks of the Trades
Life and Times of a Noob CEO
Vahrokh's EvE Online fan site about economy, markets, tutorials
Merchant Monarchy - No Freedom of Speech for You
Greedy Goblin
Thera or Bust
Just for Crits
How to train your Fedo.
The Booster Addict
The Neocom
Nashh Kadavr's EVE Blog
The Kasken Kronicles
Banana Moon Bar and Grill
Saya Hecatonchires, capsuleer 0.0
Jan Irvam: A Portrait of a Khanid Capsuleer
Lunar Drift
Outlaw Insouciant
Offworld Accounts
The Mind of Voth
Mr Spaxi - Pirate by blood
The Wandering Druid of Tranquility Archive